10 Awe-Inspiring Undercut Pixie Hairstyles for women over 50

wispy ends

Let the top layers taper into wispy ends to soften your undercut and add romanticism.

Head Tattooed

A head tattoo and undercut create a stunning combination of art and hai.

Side Part

Give your undercut pixie an asymmetrical twist by switching from the center part to the side.

Subtle Shaves

Subtle shaved lines or accents in the undercut offer detail without overpowering the style.


Combining an undercut pixie with retro waves or curls on top creates a vintage look.


Contrast the shaved sides with volumized top layers for a standout hairdo.

Silver Streaks:

Silver streaks or highlights will emphasize the layers of your undercut pixie.


Add elaborate shaved designs to your undercut sides to boost your inventiveness.

Tapered Undercut

Choose a mild undercut with tapered sides that flow into the longer top for a versatile and unobtrusive design.

Edgy Bangs

Jagged, uneven bangs and an undercut are a rebellious look.

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