10 Dazzling Taper Fade Cuts for Women over 60


Create a refined look by slicking back your hair, showcasing the taper fade in a sophisticated manner.


Channel retro glamour with a taper fade pompadour that adds volume and drama.


Bold and striking, a tapered undercut brings a unique twist to your look while keeping it effortlessly stylish.

Tapered Layers

Elevate your appearance with short layers and a taper fade, adding dimension and movement.

Side Part

Choose a timeless side part with a taper fade for a balanced and timeless look.

Bowl Cut

Update a classic bowl cut with a taper fade for a contemporary and playful edge.

Side Sweep

Add a touch of elegance to your pixie with a side-swept fringe and taper fade.

Mohawk Pixie

Combine the spunk of a mohawk with the charm of a pixie, showcasing your vibrant personality.

Tapered Waves

Embrace relaxed waves with a taper fade, striking a balance between casual and chic.

Long Top

Maintain length on top while tapering the sides and back for a versatile and stylish look.

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