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10 Hacks That All Bacon Lovers Need To Know

Baking Instead of Frying: Bake bacon in the oven on a rack over a baking sheet. This method allows for even cooking and easy cleanup, while also reducing the amount of grease.

Adding Water While Cooking: When frying bacon, adding a little water to the pan can prevent the bacon from splattering. It also results in a plumper texture as the water renders the fat slowly.

Waffle Iron Bacon: For quick and crispy bacon, cook it in a waffle iron. This method presses the bacon flat and drains excess fat, making it extra crispy.

Twisting Bacon Before Baking: Twist strips of bacon into spiral shapes before baking them. This not only looks fun but also creates a crispy texture with more edges.

Brown Sugar and Spice: Before cooking, sprinkle bacon with brown sugar and a touch of spice (like cayenne pepper) for a sweet and spicy glaze.

Freezing for Easy Chopping: Freeze bacon slightly before chopping. This makes it easier to cut into even, clean pieces, perfect for adding to dishes or toppings.

Microwave Bacon Between Paper Towels: For quick cooking without a mess, lay bacon strips between paper towels and microwave. The paper towels absorb excess grease.

Infusing Bacon into Spirits: Infuse bacon into bourbon or vodka for a smoky, savory twist on your favorite cocktails. This involves cooking the bacon, adding it to the spirit, and then freezing to solidify the fat for removal.

Creating a Bacon Weave: Make a bacon weave for sandwiches or as a base for dishes like quiches. This provides a crispy, bacon-packed layer that holds together well.

Saving Bacon Fat: Don't discard bacon grease; save it in a container in the fridge. Use it to add flavor to dishes like roasted vegetables, fried eggs, or cornbread.

Marky Park from Hypebeast



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