9 Shaggy Pixie Cuts that Are High On Trend Now for women 50

Bright Color Accents 

Add a unique touch to your scruffy pixie with bold and colorful hair colors.

Side-Parted Shag

Side parts add visual movement to your shaggy pixie by deviating from the central part.

Thin Shaggy Layers

Wispy layers that frame your face and complement your natural beauty create an ethereal look.

Razor-cut texture

A razor-cut method that emphasizes each layer creates a more dramatic texture.

Latest Pixie Shag

A classical pixie cut with shaggy layers creates a stylish and flexible look.

Fun Flipped Ends

Flipping the ends outward gives your scruffy pixie a vibrant and charismatic edge.

Sweet Shag

If you like simple styling, get a short, charming shaggy pixie that oozes effortless grace.

Layered Crown

Layer at the crown for height and volume, giving the classic pixie cut a trendy twist.

Beachy Shag

Create beachy sensations with loose waves and textured layers.

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