10 Worst Drinks for Your Gut Health

Sweet tea

If you're craving a cold, sweet drink, opt for a 100% fruit juice that doesn't contain any added sugar.

Sugary juice

Speaking of sugar, another drink that you may want to limit if you're worried about gut health is juice made with added sugar.

Energy drinks

It can also cause jitters and increase anxiety which can exacerbate symptoms in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)."


Caffeinated beverages like coffee are stimulants that increase gut motility, which means these drinks can make things move quicker down your gastrointestinal tract.

Regular soda

In folks with IBS or IBD, drinking a lot of refined sugars, like those in soda, can lead to gastrointestinal distress since the sugar may not be absorbed well into your intestines.

Carbonated beverages

There is some research that links the consumption of carbonated beverages to gastrointestinal distress.


Having one too many brewskies, cocktails, or glasses of wine on a regular basis "can affect the microbiota causing an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut with an overgrowth of the bad, unhealthy bacteria.

Some caffeinated teas

Teas that contain caffeine, like green and black teas, can increase the acidity in the stomach, and this can lead to heartburn in some people.

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