7 Things You May Be Burning Cash On

Most of us used to watch live TV, but now we use Netflix or Amazon Prime.Alternatively, you can keep £159 and not buy a license if you simply watch Netflix or catch up on All4 or ITVX.

A TV Licence

However, it's easy to pay for streaming services you rarely use.With limited time, do you need Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Sky Sports, or Now TV subscriptions?

Streaming Services

If you only use your smartphone for essentials and avoid downloading dubious content, such as email attachments, free antivirus software may be sufficient.

Computer Antivirus

No doubt, keeping up with the news is crucial to understand the world.However, the BBC news service and other free newspaper websites allow that.

Newspaper Subscriptions

Some insurance products may not meet your needs.on instance, you may have purchased an insurance policy on a new computer and have been paying the premiums monthly.

A Few Insurance Products

Impulse buying, especially on non-essential items, can quickly drain your finances. Before making a purchase, take a moment to consider whether its a need or desire.

Purchases On Impulse

Dining out or buying convenience foods can greatly increase your eating costs. Meal planning and home cooking can save you a lot of money.

Convenience Foods

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