Dunkin' Reintroduced an Extremely Popular Coffee Flavor

Dunkin's coffee is plentiful. Customers can order lattes, macchiatos, iced coffees, and frozen drinks with a variety of flavors.

Even this abundance of selections hasn't made fans forget about the seasonal Butter Pecan Swirl.

Dunkin' customers can get the coffee flavor again next week. Dunkin' announced the Butter Pecan Swirl's April 26 comeback. Even better, 

Dunkin' will keep the taste on the menu permanently instead of temporarily.

Butter-roasted nuts and cream flavor the swirl. Once it returns, customers can add it to hot, iced, espresso, cold brew, frozen coffee, and frozen chocolate.

Since 2013, the firm has periodically reintroduced the ice cream-inspired flavor. Dunkin' says Butter Pecan Swirl is its second most popular flavor 

after Pumpkin Spice. Customers have petitioned Dunkin' to keep the flavor and ordered "dupe" orders to imitate it.

"On the 10-year anniversary of Butter Pecan Swirl's debut, we knew it was time to make this adored flavor a core menu staple," said Dunkin's 

chief marketing officer Jill McVicar Nelson. "Guests and Dunkin' coworkers want this Swirl regularly. We're excited to grant their wish, 

Dunkin' customers are delighted about the Butter Pecan Swirl, but they didn't like another new product. Last month, the chain's first morning