How to Determine Your Cat's Age


Examine your cat's teeth. Kittens lose their sharp, tiny teeth about 3–4 months of age. Cats usually have all their adult teeth at 6 months.


First-born kittens have closed eyelids that open within two weeks. The hue of their eyes will change with age.

Coat condition:

The condition of your cat's coat can indicate age. Kittens' mothers groom their beautiful, fluffy fur.

Muscle Tone:

Kittens are nimble and energetic when young. Coordination and muscle are typical in adult cats.


Kittens are playful and curious. Exploration and play-fighting will ensue. Senior cats are less active and enjoy quieter games


Kittens are lighter than adult cats and acquire weight quickly in their first few months.

Dental Health

Your cat is presumably older if it has no or few teeth. Dental disorders often cause tooth loss or require dental care in cats over 10.

Health Checkup:

Vet visits can give your cat a more precise age estimate. Dental health, bone structure, and overall health can help veterinarians estimate.

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