Husker football falls to Minnesota in season opener

Nebraska has a new head coach, coaching staff, and many new players in 2023. Despite all the changes, Nebraska lost a 10-3 lead to Minnesota 

The Golden Gophers won on a 46-yard field goal by Dragan Kesich with time expiring. After two Nebraska drives, Kesich's kick gave Minnesota 

ten points and turnovers. The Huskers lost 55 yards due to seven penalties, including one on the goal line before halftime.

Other than that, the combat was tense. Only Kesich scored three points in the first half to give Minnesota a 3-0 advantage. With 11 seconds left 

before halftime, the Huskers tried a touchdown. The interception and no points cost Nebraska.

But the Huskers started the second half well. Rahmir Johnson set up his team by returning the kickoff 65 yards.

After a broken play, Jeff Sims found Alex Bullock for a 34-yard score on Anthony Grant's fumbled lateral.

Sims threw for 114 yards on 11-of-19 with three interceptions. He ran for 91 yards on 19 carries. Omar Brown intercepted the ball

Grant fumbled with fewer than five minutes left, putting the Golden Gophers near midfield. This led to Athan Kaliakmanis' 13-yard touchdown

Sims then made a shocking interception with less than a minute left. Kesich's game-winning field goal sealed the Huskers' loss.