Is Dark Chocolate Truly Good For Us?

Whether you are a chocoholic or not, it is tough to dispute that chocolate is delicious! Chocolate treats, which are sweet and crumbly and contain caffeine, are a favorite pick-me-up.

All Hail Chocolate

Unfortunately for chocolate lovers, the food does not have a good reputation in terms of health. We learn from a young age that chocolate should be consumed in moderation.

Everything In Moderation 

However, recent study reveals that it may be feasible to eat chocolate guilt-free by selecting a bar with a high cocoa %.

Guilt-Free Pleasure 

The assumption that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate is not new. For years, we believed this to be the case.

Old News 

However, it is only by studying cocoa and the plant components it contains that we may begin to comprehend why this is the case.

Dive Deeper 

Flavonoids represent a significant advancement in chocolate research. These are fantastic tiny plant chemicals that provide a variety of health benefits.

Introducing Flavonoids 

Cocoa has a high content of flavonoids. This is one of the main reasons why studies feel dark chocolate is good for our health.

Cocoa Context 

Indeed, the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study found that taking 400-500 mg of cocoa flavanol per day can help reduce the chance of dying from heart disease.

Scientific Support 

Of course, there are certain downsides to eating dark chocolate. Despite its many benefits, dark chocolate contains a large quantity of saturated fat.

The Reality 

As of now, there is insufficient research to make an informed conclusion regarding what we should consume.

More Research Is Needed

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