Natural Interaction Is Healthy For Your Health

Vitamin D is crucial for bone and tooth health. What causes your body to generate this vitamin? Answer: the sun!

Vitamin D

Melatonin, which regulates our biological clock, is produced by sunlight.Sunbathing can also help you sleep and wake up early!


Overloading our days with activities, concerns, responsibilities, anxieties, and commitments causes tension, depression, and anxiety.


A University of Wisconsin study found that many people find it helpful to spend time in nature to forget about daily life and focus.


As much as our brain can multitask, it requires rest.The brain uses 20% of the body's energy, and this number rises by 10% when we focus on a mental difficulty.

Brain Activity

Nature and related activities like gardening and farming ease stress more than any other leisure activity, according to a  study.

Hands On The Land 

Breathing exercises reduce stress hormones.Accelerated breathing alerts and stresses the body. However, slow, deep breaths settle you quickly.


Breathing clean air regulates serotonin and boosts happiness.Unpolluted air boosts brain wave amplitude, calming immediately.

Fresh Air

Soil provides vitality and delight. The University of Colorado found that a harmless soil bacteria can treat depression.


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