Pizza Hut Just Launched 2 New Spicy & Sweet Items

Pizza Hut's menu is hot. The fast-food chain added two sweet and spicy items.

Dallas and Cleveland Pizza Huts are offering Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings for a limited time.

Hot Honey Pizza with pepperoni "cups" for the sweet-spicy sauce costs $11.99. spicy Honey Wings,

covered in spicy honey and double-dipped in sweet-heat taste, start at $5.99 for six bone-in or boneless wings.

Utz Potato Chips now sell Mike's Hot Honey, a Brooklyn-based sauce. Pizza Hut's new menu items employ

"a signature hot honey infused with chili peppers" instead of the boutique brand's sauce.

"The secret behind Pizza Hut's Hot Honey Pizza lies in its perfect balance of sweet heat from the honey and the savory-salty flavors of the pepperonis

Other popular brands have tried the honey trend. Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, and Slim Chickens introduced hot honey chicken wings.

Pizza Hut's menu recently changed again. "Melts" were introduced in October 2022.

Pizza Hut has always followed food trends. In the 1970s, the restaurant launched the "Stuffed Crust Pizza," and in the 1980s, spaghetti and Cinnamon Sticks