Seven Solutions For An Orange Juice Shortage

Apple juice is a dependable, albeit less zingy, alternative juice for anytime smoothies, and it blends nicely with the typical fruits and vegetables used in most recipes.

In Smoothies

Most baking recipes would work well using freshly grated clementine or lemon zest instead of grated orange. However, candied orange peel may work better in richer fruit cakes, Easter bakes, and breads.

In Baking

Sweet and mild fresh clementine juice is widely available in shops and is an excellent substitute for traditional orange juice in dessert sauces.

In Sweet Sauces

Many savory sauces include orange juice for its distinctive combination of sweetness and tartness. Pineapple juice may readily provide the requisite sweetness and acidity in recipes like barbecue sauce.

In Savory Sauces

Orange juice is frequently used in casseroles alongside stock because of its tenderizing and brightening properties. If you run out, sweet cider is a wonderful replacement for dishes containing chicken or pork.

Casseroles & Stews

While orange juice adds a bright, zingy flavor to sauces and marinades, other citrus fruits can serve the same purpose. Lemon, lime, and grapefruit, can all be used with wonderful results in vinaigrettes.

In Salads, Marinades & Dressings

With warmer weather approaching, you may be concerned that your favorite summer drinks will be jeopardized this year, but in most situations, pineapple juice will be an excellent substitute for orange.

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