This Is the Best McDonald's In the World, Says Michelin-Starred Chef

McDonald's food is always the same, no matter where you are. At least at most of the chain's 38,000 outlets worldwide.

Michellin-starred chef Gareth Ward voted Welshpool's McDonald's the world's best, according to The New York Post.

Due to their business, chefs often order late-night or early-morning food.

They even told us their preferred fast-food spots. To hear one proclaim a McDonald's one of his country's greatest eateries is startling.

What gives? The famous chef said everything tastes better there. He had a McCrispy—like a Crispy Chicken Sandwich—and it was different. 

Ward told Wales Online, "It's just absolutely smashing it." "Everyone I talk to says this is the world's best McDonald's."

Wales Online reporter went to see if the chef's claims were accurate. The drive-thru line was like Chick-fil-A on free chicken sandwich day, with 

cars waiting to enjoy the popular cuisine. The personnel helped with ordering and seating, making them "the best part of the visit."

She enjoyed the dish but didn't find truffle mayo in her McCrispy. She called it the nicest McDonald's she's tasted

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