Trader Joe's Popular Kimbap Is Selling Out Fast—Here's How to Get It

Trader Joe's new kimbap is a success, but it's become rare. Fortunately, another beloved grocery business sold the food item before Trader Joe's

The Trader Joe's kimbap mania began two weeks ago when buyers saw it in the frozen aisle. Customers reported that their local retailers sold out 

so quickly that they couldn't get a package soon after it launched. Due to production delays, several Trader Joe's employees have posted on 

Reddit that the kimbap will be out of stock until October. (Trader Joe's didn't respond to our requests to verify these allegations.

To clarify, Trader Joe's didn't invent kimbap. Korean kimbap is bite-sized slices of cooked rice and various ingredients wrapped in dried seaweed 

sheets. Trader Joe's kimbap, which comprises sautéed greens, crunchy root vegetables, crisp pickles, and braised tofu, may be in high demand 

If waiting weeks to try this popular Trader Joe's product seems painful, visit your local H Mart to satisfy your cravings.

For those unfamiliar, H Mart is an American grocery company that sells Asian groceries and cuisine. The chain has over 97 US shops

Some Trader Joe's shoppers complained on Reddit about the sold-out kimbap, but others noted that H Mart has offered it for years.

Redditors and TikTokers have also found a different brand of frozen kimbap in H Mart's frozen area, so buyers who prefer longer-lasting kimbap

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